Active Strength® personal training

Want to be and fit and strong for life? We understand that you need your body to be in the best working order possible. So, applying the same research and rules used for elite athletes, we offer an accessible program specifically created for the everyday person.

Our New Client Package makes it easy to get started, 3 x 30 minute Personal Training Sessions + 2 Week Membership Free + Complimentary Initial Consultation all for $99!

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Our flexible Active Strength® Personal Training program is designed for clients in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s who are looking to maintain or improve the ease and efficiency in which you move through your day, but are not necessarily interested in joining a conventional gym. Instead, they are looking for a well-rounded movement based program that fits into their schedule and is easily maintainable long term.


Do any of these comments sound familiar? I want to:

  • Improve my flexibility

  • Be able to keep up with my kids

  • Get through my day without feeling exhausted

  • Increase my core strength

  • Improve my posture

  • Get rid of my back ache

  • Be stronger and more toned

New client package!

Getting started is the hardest we have our New Client Package to help make it easier for you!

The package includes 3 x 30 min Personal Training Sessions, 2 Week Free Membership and your Initial Consultation all for $99 (normally $150 for 3 x Personal Training Sessions and $40 for 2 weeks Membership).

Our Membership is exclusive to our Personal Training Clients and it gives you the option to come in to the studio to do your own workouts in addition to your Personal Training Sessions.  In order to be eligible for Membership you need to be a current Personal Training Client and we may require you to complete 2 Personal Training Sessions prior to your Membership commencing to become familiar with the equipment and studio environment.*

To read more about our Membership options click on this link:

*As Body Buzz is a private Personal Training Studio we reserve the right to refuse Memberships if the individual is not respectful to trainers, other clients and the equipment.

getting started.

So, what can you expect when you come to Body Buzz? Well, it’s easy! We will guide you through our step by step process:


1. Initial Consultation

During your initial consult we will give you a tour of the studio and get to know you, your goals, and your health and fitness history. Our flexible Active Strength® for Life program is customized individually according to your starting point, exercise history, injuries and goals. During your initial consult we will make sure we have all of the information necessary to design your individualised program. Your initial consult is complimentary and usually takes between 20-45 minutes. Please wear clothing that is comfortable to move around in – shorts/tights, shirt and your sneakers/joggers.


2. Injury Rehab or Chronic Pain Management

If you are recovering from an injury or surgery, or have been living with chronic pain, it may be appropriate, either before or in conjunction with your Active Strength® sessions, to include some injury rehabilitation or Fascial Stretch Therapy® sessions. If necessary, we will discuss with you during your initial consult.


3. Your first session

We will document your progression from the very beginning. This may include a Functional Movement Screen, flexibility testing, photos and mobility work. You will find that it is very exciting to look back at where you started and be able to clearly see your progress and improvement!

4. Your ongoing sessions

We have several options for you consider to ensure you are able to fit your sessions into your lifestyle and budget. We offer 30 minute and 45 minute sessions. We do recommend two or more sessions per week, however we understand that time and budget often play a large roll in your decision making process. Please feel free to chat to us about your session choices during your initial consultation and we can work out the best plan for you!


5. Fascial Stretch® Therapy

When you begin an exercise program and start making changes to the function, posture, strength and movement patterns of your body, you may experience some muscle soreness or a few little niggles. Remember, you may be asking your body to change something that has been the same for several years, or even decades. To manage the process and get the utmost from your training sessions, we highly recommend including Fascial Stretch Therapy® with our therapist  in your program.

We work with you to reach your health and fitness milestones. Your program begins with a complimentary initial consultation – call us on 3279 1587 to make your booking. 



Mt Ommaney Medical Centre

171 Dandenong Rd

Mt Ommaney QLD 4074


We are located in the Medical Centre next to the Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre. Turn in where you see Hungry Jacks & KFC and the Medical Centre is located behind. 


P: 07 3279 1587

F: 07 3607 2409​


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