Active Strength® For SPORTS


Do you need more strength and power but wish to stay within your weight category? Do you need to bulk up for next season but want the muscle to be functional? That’s what makes this program special! We can now tailor your sports performance program to specifically suit your body and your sport.

At Body Buzz, most of our Sports Performance clients range from everyday people, weekend warriors, to world class athletes seeking a specially designed system that meets their strength and fitness goals. We customize each and every program, taking into account injury rehabilitation, strength training, sports massage and basic nutritional guidelines to offer you carefully guided therapies and training.


Many people choose to use the complete system and start improving their performance from the base up, however some just choose to use part of the program. Regardless, we work with you every step of the way.  


The Active Strength for sports performance is designed around a four-stage process:


Stage one

We begin with performance analysis by measuring some essential blood markers for performance. This allows our specialists to start improving your performance from the get-go - even outside the gym. Then using the cutting edge Biosignature modulation and Bioprint systems, we uncover your hormonal profile, guiding us to weak areas that exist within your chemistry. This gives us an advantage when creating an enhanced program that sheds unwanted and stubborn body fat, because a lean physique has greater performance potential.


Stage two

In this stage we unravel any compensation patterns holding you back, unwanted pain you might be experiencing during training, or niggles of discomfort that just don’t resolve. By using some specialised testing, we gather information concerning the nervous system’s capacity to send messages to the muscles. By restoring any dysfunctional patterns we can dramatically enhance function, decrease re-occurrence of injury and improve injury and performance.

Stage three

Remember, you are only as strong as you’re weakest link! Here, our focus is structural balancing in the gym and improving lagging ranges of movement. Together with a few more specific strength tests, we seamlessly transition you into a strength program that is truly designed for you with your weak-links in mind.


Stage four

In this stage we focus on Sports specific training. Through precise programming we can manipulate the variables and produce very specific results geared toward optimal performance in your chosen sport.

Take the lead and start today! Your program begins with a complimentary initial consultation – call us on 3279 1587 to make your booking.