Growing up, Joe always led an active lifestyle with interests in multiple sports including basketball. Immersing himself in an active lifestyle means he understands the impact movement plays toward health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally.


Previously working as a tennis coach at St Peters Lutheran College, Sean looked after young guns up to tournament level, gaining experience into the requirements and rigors of high level competitive sport. He learnt the importance of strength and conditioning for elite players, with an emphasis on physical and mental preparation, giving students the confidence to perform in clutch situations, as well as prevent injury.


He originally started studying business (economics/ management) but realised his personal motivation and fulfilment was in helping people directly. He changed courses and continued his studies in Clinical Exercise Physiology at QUT. During placement within a cardiac rehabilitation and multidisciplinary clinic setting, he witnessed the massive effect even a small, low intensity dose of prescribed exercise and movement can have on improving quality of living in both physical and



mental aspects. Within a matter of weeks he witnessed small lifestyle changes profoundly impact people with chronic complex disease. He could only imagine what extended periods of behavioral change could accomplish. After only a few years of practical experience in the field of exercise prescription, Sean has already seen results come to fruition, further proving that exercise is very much a form of medicine!



Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology, QUT