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Exercise Physiology


Our Strength Club membership is programmed within 8-week training blocks. Throughout the 8 weeks we will guide you through your programmed workouts - not only designed to make you stronger - but to also improve your structural balance.

You will feel stronger as your weights continue to increase. Our handy workout tracking system makes this process foolproof!

Exercise Physiology focuses on the delivery of specialised exercise programs for the prevention and management of chronic disease or injury. This specialty involves clinical exercise interventions, advice and support for persons at high risk or with existing chronic and complex medical conditions and injuries.

Treatment is delivered through a range of exercise prescription, health and physical activity education with a focus on behavioural change and lifestyle modification.


During your session, you will work one-on-one with your Exercise Physiologist in our private studio.  


Exercise Physiology can assist in the:


  • ​Improvement or decreasing of pain caused by injury

  • Improvement of your heart health

  • Improvement of your bone health

  • Rehabilitation following a cardiac event

  • Control of your diabetes

  • Prevention of pre-diabetes from progressing to full diabetes

  • Improvement of mood and mental health (reducing stress and anxiety levels)

  • Improvement of health and wellbeing

  • Decrease risk of falls

  • Improvement of your general strength and conditioning for activities of daily living


An accredited Exercise Physiologist is an allied health professional that undertakes a four year University Degree and is required to meet an extensive accreditation process that includes practicum experience in a range of settings and environments.


We are recognised providers and work with the following organisations:

  • Medicare

  • NDIS

  • Workcover

  • DVA

  • Private Health Funds

For NDIS participants we offer one-on-one Exercise Physiology that is specific to every individual's needs. Our studio is private - we are not a commercial gym - air conditioned and fully equipped.  


Private clients:

You may be eligible for subsidised sessions through Medicare with a referral from your GP.  We do not charge a gap fee if you have a GP Management Plan (GPMP) or Team Care Arrangement (TCA) - the entire cost of your sessions will be covered by Medicare.  Talk with your GP to check if you are eligible.

It is also possible to work with our Exercise Physiologists as a private client without a referral.  If you have Private Health Cover with Extras you may be able to receive a partial rebate towards the cost of your sessions.  Contact your Private Health Insurer to assess your eligibility for Exercise Physiology benefits.

Enhance your lifestyle and performance. All Exercise Physiology begins with a complimentary initial consultation.


Please call us on 0404 418 430 to make your booking.


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